Team Manager Background Check

Dear Destination Imagination Team Managers,

Thank you for being a Destination Imagination Team Manager. Without our amazing Team Managers, there would be no DI program for the kids.

In order to provide the highest level of safety for our participants, Destination Imagination requires all Team Managers to undergo background checks to be eligible to lead a team attending our Regional, State or Globals tournaments.

There are four ways in which Team Managers can complete a background check:

  1. Team Managers who are public school employees will be certified as checked by their regional directors. This will be done by verifying a school system e-mail address or via a school’s website.
  2. Private school employees who are Team Managers can submit to their Regional Directors a letter from their school principal or assistant principal indicating that the Team Manager has passed a background check that has been updated during the calendar year of the start of the current DI season.
  3. Some school systems have background check requirements for their volunteers. Team Manager  volunteers from those systems should submit a letter from their school principal or administrator stating that they have passed a background check that has been completed or updated during the calendar year of the start of the current DI season and includes a Social Security trace, Government Watch List Search, 50 State DOJ Sex Offender Registry Search and both nationwide and local criminal history search.
  4. All other Team Managers will go through Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers) for their background check. The Team Manager will pay for the $15 cost of this check, which must be renewed annually.

Rest assured that Sterling Volunteers is a leader in nonprofit background screening and is used by FIRST, CASA, Girl Scouts of America, Meals on Wheels and many other organizations. All personal information provided stays with Sterling Volunteers and is not shared with Maryland Destination Imagination. Maryland DI will follow the guidelines in DI Inc’s Youth Protection Policy for determining if a person is ineligible to serve as a Team Managers based on background check results. If a Team Manager is not cleared to work with students, he/she will be notified that his/her team cannot compete in the regional competition unless a new Team Manager is provided and clears a background check.

Apply for your background check now using this Good Deed Code: sw1zqhv


We thank you for participating in this procedure to allow us to be proactive in protecting our most valuable resource, the children. 

Maryland Destination Imagination