Team Managers

Team Managers

Welcome to Maryland Creative Problem Solvers, Inc. (MCPSI). This section of our website is designed especially for you. Here we hope you will find lots of useful information to help you manage your teams. Feel free to personalize the documents you download and use them for distribution to your own teams.

Background checks for Team Managers

Team Managers are required to pass a background check before they bring their teams to a tournament. For details on how to obtain this check see
Team Manager Background Check Info 2019-2020

Youth Protection Training

Destination Imagination Inc is now requiring all Team Managers to pass a youth protection training in its online learning system. Once you’ve connected with your team in the Resource Area you will receive an invitation from Adobe Captivate Prime to take the training. Once you log in, go to the catalog to open and complete  “Keeping DI Participants Safe.” Please do this as soon as you form your team so that we can ensure that all Team Managers are aware of the new DI policies and procedures.

Team Manager Training

Maryland DI offers a variety of training options for Team Managers. While training, other than Youth Protection Training, is not required, it is highly recommended, especially for new Team Managers. For details of training opportunities, Click Here

Minors as Team Managers

Due to issues with background checks, Maryland DI requires our Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers to be at least 18 years old. Anyone under that age will not be able to register as a Team Manager and will not be listed in our tournament programs as Team Managers or Assistant Team Managers. We realize that this is in conflict with the Rules of the Road, which allows minors to Team Managers as long as there is also an adult Team Manager for the Team. The Maryland policy will take precedence.

Appraiser Info for Team Managers

All regions require teams to provide an Appraiser to serve at their regional tournament. If your team moves on to the State Tournament, your team’s Appraiser must be available to appraise at the State Tournament as well! Appraisers are very important members of the DI community! These are the people who will APPRAISE the teams’ solutions at the various tournaments. They must be certified by attending a training day, and know that they will not be able to watch YOUR team’s solution (an appraiser is assigned to a different challenge than the team they represent). Organizing and pulling together a tournament is a huge feat. It takes, on average, 8-10 appraisers per team challenge, 4-6 per IC room, plus help in areas such as score room, IC holding room, etc. Additional helpers aid in areas such as monitors, concessions, check-in, set up/clean up, etc.

Your RDs and TDs need to have your Appraiser’s information and consent as soon as possible! That way, they can communicate directly with your Appraiser and be sure he/she is registered for the training. Teams with no appraiser representative will not be permitted to advance to the next level of competition.

What makes a great appraiser/helper? Someone who LOVES DI! Other common traits are flexibility, positive attitude, quick smile, friendly, team player, etc. You might find your Appraiser within your team (parent, etc), your school (teacher, principal, etc.) or other organization (church, club, etc.).

Questions? Contact your Regional Director.


Fall Team Manager Newsletter 10-08-19

Fall Team Manager Newsletter 10-31-19

Online Resources

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