Whether you are a recent Alum, or a “blast from the past” Alum, we welcome you to participate as Ambassadors to current and future team members!

You are walking/talking examples of how being a part of DI continues to affect the way you solve challenges in real life.

Who is considered an alumnus of DI?

Anyone who did DI at any point in their lives. You don’t have to have done DI all the way through high school. Maybe you did DI in middle school and just couldn’t fit it in through high school. That’s okay. We still want you! You know the great benefits that DI can bring to kids (and to team managers, too).

Did you know that employers are seeking young employees who are creative, can solve problems, and can work well on a team? That sounds like you! Did you think when you were 10 years old that DI might actually help you get a job when you graduate from college? In fact, DI, Inc. has received calls from employers hoping to find DI alums to hire. So, DI is building a database of alums to help grow and support the DI program. And to communicate job opportunities as they arise.

Join Maryland's Alumni Connection

Please take a moment to register for our Alumni database so that we can keep you posted on DI happenings in Maryland and how we could use your help. Just click on the link below.

Global Alumni Ambassador Registration

Also check out the global Alumni Ambassador network! The Alumni Ambassador Program (AAP) works to connect, inspire and empower DI graduates to give back through meaningful volunteer involvement.

If you have something specific you’d like to offer or chat about, just e-mail Ashley Federico, our Alumni Representative on the MCPSI Operations Committee. Ashley is a DI alum and is full of energy and great ideas. Her e-mail address is