Weekly Message from Our Executive Director – 4.13.20

Dear DI Family,

This past weekend, I celebrated my **th birthday. Because my family is in self-isolation (like everyone else), my expectations were low. But imagine my surprise when my sweet husband totally ignored my big day. No “Happy Birthday” song to wake me from my slumber. No flowers. No announcement of plans for the day. My son, the family baker, made a wonderful sour cream coffee cake. As the delicious aromas were wafting from the kitchen, my husband wandered in and looked around in puzzlement. “You’re celebrating a day early?” he asked. “Nope.” I responded. “What day is it??” he asked in panic.

I wasn’t upset. It’s a valid question. In these crazy times, it’s easy to lose track of time. Is it Tuesday? Is it Friday? April 10? April 12? The days seem to all blend together. With all outside obligations wiped from the calendar, it’s really easy to lose a day here or there.

If it’s tough for us grownups, imagine how difficult it is for our kids.

The good news is, now our kids have a reason to pay attention to the calendar! Our brand-new Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity is coming! Of course, it’s not the same as the traditional in-person Global Finals experience. We won’t be reconnecting with old friends and making new friends from around the world. And that makes me sad.

But virtual Global Finals is a new and exciting experience to engage EVERYONE in solving new, creative Challenges that were designed to be for the times we are in. Our kids can reestablish social connections with their teams or create new teams. Families can participate. And for our alumni who always wanted a chance to join us again—there is space for that too.

We are excited and hope that our DI family will pull out those calendars and mark these important dates to be part of the fun:

  • April 15: Registration opens
  • April 15: 2019-20 Team Challenge Showcase submission opens
  • May 1: Virtual Team Challenge emailed to all registered teams (teams that register after May 1 will receive the Virtual Team Challenge upon registration)
  • June 1: Registration deadline
  • June 15: Submission deadline for 2019-20 Team Challenge Showcase and Virtual Team Challenge
  • June 16: First Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline June 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST)
  • June 24: Second Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline June 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST)
  • June 29: Third Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline July 1 at 11:59 p.m. PST)
  • July 16: Virtual Closing Celebration


As much as we would love to offer free participation in virtual Global Finals, it is impossible. But we are committed to offering a high-quality event to our DI family around the world at an affordable price. This is also an opportunity to allow all teams everywhere to come together and engage in up to 11 weeks of fun activities. To add to the fun, teams will compete for a range of prizes and awards.

As you may have guessed, DI lost almost 75% of its annual revenue due to the cancellation of our in-person Global Finals event in Kansas City.  While we remain optimistic, DI’s survival in these uncertain times is going to depend on extraordinary creativity and generosity. Your support now means more than ever and we hope you will contribute to keep the Spirit of DI alive, whether that is by purchasing a Registration Number (available April 15) for our new virtual Global Finals, giving a donation of any amount, or sharing these opportunities with your friends and family on social media. It is going to be a tough year for DI, as we know it will be for you, but we will get through it together.

I hope that you will encourage your teams, family, friends and social groups to participate in our new and innovative virtual Global Finals, designed to provide safe and affordable fun, excitement and activities during the summer months when normal activities such as camps and clubs may not be available.

Join us for a Summer of Creativity!

Stay Healthy. Stay Creative.


PS: My husband sprung into action and presented a generous gift certificate to my favorite store for my birthday. SCORE!


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