Virtual Instant Challenge: May the Forks Be With You

You know we love our structure challenges! Gather the materials and a group of friends and/or family members together online to do this challenge. You will not know ahead of time what you will be scored on.

Challenge: Using the materials below, build a freestanding tower as tall as possible. The tower should sit completely on one sheet of paper.

“Freestanding” means that the structure is not attached to anything or held by anyone.

Materials: 30 forks (plastic, metal, whatever type you have), 1 sheet of paper for the entire tower to sit on, 1 yardstick (meterstick). The yardstick may not be used as part of the tower.

Time: 15 minutes

Scoring: Scoring for this challenge should be accessed only by someone who is not participating in the challenge, such as a friend, parent, Team Manager, etc. After the group has completed the challenge, have that person read each of the scored elements. Have one of your group members keep track of everyone’s score. After tallying up the scores, go through the Reflection Questions to talk about the experience as a group. Click here to download the Scoring and Reflection Questions for this challenge.

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