Shape Up (and Out) Instant Challenge

Looking for more STEAM activities that your kids can do virtually with friends? Check out our latest Instant Challenge: Shape Up (and Out)!

Challenge: Build a freestanding structure as tall and as wide as possible in one of the following shapes: square, cylinder, hexagon, or star.

Materials: 6 chenille stems, 2 feet of string, 8 inches of masking tape, 4 straws, 2 pieces of paper, 2 pencils, 1 6-inch piece of foil

Time: 8 minutes

A. 10 points if your structure looks like the shape you were trying to create
B. 5 points for each inch of height of your structure (up to 60 points max)
*height will be measured down the middle of the structure
C. 3 points for each inch of width (up to 50 points max)
*width will be measured at the widest point of the structure
D. 10 points if the widest point of your structure is at least 6 inches above the base
E. 5 points for a square or cylinder, 10 points for a hexagon, 20 points for a star
F. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your structure


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