Register for Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity!

Are you ready for the most creative summer ever? Registration for Destination Imagination’s Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament is now open. Join thousands of students from around the world and put your creativity to the test!

The Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament (GF20) is a one-of-a-kind collaborative problem-solving experience that, for this year only, takes place 100% online and is open to all students and families who enjoy being creative and solving fun challenges that require out-of-the-box thinking.

GF20 is a whole new experience and open to EVERYONE! You do not need to have been on a Destination Imagination (DI) team for the 2019-20 DI season in order to participate.

Here’s how it works. You’ll need a minimum of two and up to seven team members (maximum) to participate. After your team registers, you’ll work together online to solve a Virtual Team Challenge, as well as 3 Virtual Instant Challenges.

What are Instant Challenges? They’re Challenges that teams solve quickly—within 48 hours. You have to be creative and use critical thinking skills. Each Virtual Instant Challenge will be kept secret until the day it is released, so your team will not know any of the specifics until the Challenge is emailed to your team.

For 2019-20 DI Teams Only: This is not the Spring any of us expected, and we share your disappointment in the cancellation of tournaments due to the pandemic. But we also know you’ve spent months working on and perfecting your Team Challenge solutions.

Teams that participated in the 2019-20 DI season will have the opportunity to participate in a noncompetitive Team Challenge Showcase. We know it’s not the same as your Regional or Affiliate Tournament, or even an in-person Global Finals. But you will be able to share all of your hard work from the season and will receive feedback from experienced Appraisers.

Create and collaborate wherever you are. Getting together with your team for any part of the Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament is not necessary or recommended for participation! Teams should participate using video conferencing and other forms of communication.

What’s the cost to participate? The cost to participate in the Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament is $199 per team. Your team may participate in as many or as few of our GF20 Challenge Experiences as you choose. Throughout the Summer of Creativity, teams will compete for a number of awesome awards and prizes, which will be presented at the Closing Celebration on July 16.

Register Today! Visit our How It Works page for more details on the GF20 Challenge Experiences, the competition timeframe, how to form a team, and more.

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Questions? For questions about the GF20 Virtual Tournament, email us at


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