Questions About This Season? Read This First!

Whether you’re a seasoned Destination Imagination team or you’re participating for the first time, this program season is much different than any other DI season we’ve had (because ya know… Covid).

Our Rules of the Road resource contains all of the rules and procedures required to participate in a DI tournament and provides comprehensive details on the process this season, including how to submit your team’s Presentation, how Instant Challenge will work in a virtual environment, and much more. This resource is critical in helping your team to not only understand the rules and procedures this season, but to help you be successful in your creative journey and in your tournament.

Typically, Rules of the Road does not change too much from season to season. However, due to the virtual components this season, our 2020-21 version of Rules of the Road includes many changes. All of the changes this season are underlined in the document.

If you have a question about the rules or procedures this season (or you have a question about your Team Challenge), you can ask for a Team Clarification. But remember—your team may only ask up to 10 questions. (No more than 10 and no more than one question per Clarification request.)

Before asking for a Team Clarification, your team should first check for any Published Clarifications. If you have a question about any rules or procedures, you should also review Rules of the Road again. (We’re getting a lot of questions about rules and procedures that are outlined in Rules of the Road, and we don’t want you to exhaust your Team Clarifications!)

The deadline to ask for Team Clarifications is January 31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

If you haven’t reviewed Rules of the Road, please be sure to download your team’s copy in the Resource Area.


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