Marshmallow Catapult STEAM Challenge

Got marshmallows? This is a great STEAM activity that kids will have a blast doing. You should also have many of the materials already on-hand!


Challenge: Using the materials below, build a catapult that can launch marshmallows to knock down 6 plastic cups stacked in a pyramid shape.

Setup: Place 6 plastic cups in a pyramid shape.

Materials: 6 plastic cups (for pyramid stack), 3 cardboard tubes or one small cardboard box, 2 feet of string, 4 rubber bands, 2 pencils, 1 plastic or wooden spoon, 10 large marshmallows

Time: 10 minutes to research and build your catapult; 2 minutes to knock down all 6 cups

A. 20 points if you successfully knock down all 6 cups
B. 10 points if you do not use the spoon
C. Up to 20 points for how creatively you use the materials
D. Up to 20 points for how well your group works together

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