Let’s Welcome Our Newest Board Members

Destination Imagination (DI) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of six new members to the Board: Aimée Barbagallo, Lisa Diner, Andrea Faulkner, Gabi Guerrero, Niral Merchant, and Kate Nylander.

We are pleased that these particular leaders have joined DI’s Board of Trustees. Each of them brings a wealth of experience to strengthen our organization in finance, technology, strategic change, policy, and international expansion. Their unique background and expertise will make them a great asset to DI’s Board and the organization in furthering the mission.

Meet Our New Board Members

Aimée Barbagallo, PMP is a certified program manager and Change Management practitioner with T. Rowe Price. She is from Maryland and has been a DI Team Manager and an Appraiser. Aimée is passionate about using project management for social good and for children to learn as a tool for success in life.

Lisa Diner, BA is an Education Technology Consultant at Western Quebec School Board. She is from Canada and is the Affiliate Director for Quebec, Canada. Lisa is the Vice President of Destination Imagination Affiliate Directors. She uses her technology background to support students with special challenges, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding in various ways.

Andrea Faulkner, EdD is the Assistant Director in the Office of Exceptional Children Urban Support Team. She is from Ohio and is an educational innovator with two decades of experience leading continuous improvement initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Gabi Guerrero, BA is the Affiliate Director for British Columbia, Canada. She is the President of the Destination Imagination Affiliate Directors. She has many years of international management and marketing experience and is a multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German) professional with over 15 years of management experience in different industries and countries.

Niral Merchant, BA is a Senior Financial Management Analyst with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He is from Virginia and delivers innovative strategies through expertise in marketing and finance. Niral’s interests are business development and corporate strategy.

Kate Nylander, BA is an Inclusion and Diversity professional with Oliver Wyman. She is a DI alumna from Illinois and is the current chair of the DI Alumni Council. Kate, as a volunteer ambassador, led multiple project teams across a variety of functions and coordinated feedback mechanisms and communication back to the community.



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