Join Us for Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity

Stay Creative While You Stay at Home! 

In these days of social distancing and stay-at-home guidance, it’s more important than ever to connect with friends and family members and to continue expressing your creativity.

Destination Imagination’s Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament (GF20) is a one-of-a-kind collaborative problem-solving experience that takes place online and is open to all students and families (yes, you read that right!) who enjoy being creative, collaborative, and solving fun challenges that require out-of-the-box thinking. You do not need to have been on a Destination Imagination (DI) team for the 2019-20 DI season in order to participate. GF20 is a whole new experience and is open to EVERYONE!

For Global Finals 2020, you will work with your DI teammates, friends, or family members online to participate in several different Challenge Experiences:

  • Team Challenge Showcase for your team’s solution to any of the Team Challenges from the 2019-20 Challenge season
  • All-new Virtual Team Challenge
  • 3 all-new Virtual Instant Challenges

The cost to participate in the Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament is $199. Your team may participate in as many or as few of these Challenge Experiences as you choose. GF20 teams will compete for a number of awesome awards and prizes! Check them out here.

Destination Imagination wants you to be able to share your 2019-20 Challenge solution for feedback while still continuing to practice social distancing. Teams that participated in this season of DI will have the opportunity to participate in a noncompetitive Virtual Team Challenge Showcase. By participating in the Team Challenge Showcase, you will be able to share all of your hard work from the season. You will receive feedback from experienced Appraisers who review the submissions.

Getting together with your team is not recommended for participation. Your team may provide a previously recorded video of your team’s solution or a new version of your Presentation that has been recorded through a virtual platform.

The Virtual Team Challenge, called Distance Makes the Art Grow Stronger, was designed specifically for this event. Access to the full Team Challenge details will be made available on May 1 to registered GF20 teams, but you can get a sneak peek below!

Challenge SummaryFor this Challenge, your team will create and perform a story about characters who work together to reach a goal. Your team will also create and incorporate a work of art into your performance. You will use at least one video conferencing platform to perform your story. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder… now show us how Distance Makes the Art Grow Stronger!

In addition to the GF20 Team Challenge Showcase and Virtual Team Challenge, teams will also have the opportunity to participate in up to three Virtual Instant Challenges. Instant Challenges are short Challenges that require teams to engage in quick, creative, and critical thinking. These new Virtual Instant Challenges were specifically designed to be solved through video conferencing. Each Virtual Instant Challenge will be kept secret until the day it is released, so your team will not know any of the specifics until the Challenge is emailed to your team. Once your team receives the Virtual Instant Challenge, you will have up to 2 days to solve it and submit your solution.


Competition Levels & Eligibility:

There are two ways for teams to present their solutions for Global Finals 2020: competitively and noncompetitively.

The three competitive levels for Global Finals 2020 are Elementary (EL), Middle (ML), and Secondary (SL). Your team will compete against other teams in your competition level.

There is also one noncompetitive level: Friends and Family Level (FF), which is open to family, friends, alumni, university students, other adults and/or students of any age, and Rising Stars teams.

For more information on the GF20 competition levels and eligibility, click here.

Event Timeline:

The Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament dates are as follows:

  • April 15: Registration opens
  • May 1: Our brand-new Virtual Team Challenge will be released
  • June 15: Deadline to submit your Team Challenge Showcase and Virtual Team Challenge
  • June 16 – June 29: One brand new Virtual Instant Challenge per competition level will be released each week
  • July 16: Virtual Closing Celebration

We’re excited to welcome everyone to the Summer of Creativity and hope you’ll join us for this historic, one-time-only event! Learn more at

Just learning about Destination Imagination and Global Finals? Click here to learn more.


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