Fight Your Kids’ Isolation and Loneliness with Some Family Victories

If your family is like most since the pandemic began, you miss your friends, your social activities, and the day-to-day interactions that connect you to your community.

It’s worse for children. For children, missing out on these experiences can take a serious toll.

Research shows that children who experience long periods of loneliness or isolation are three times more likely to suffer from depression as adults.

Kids learn how the world works and how they can best interact with it by playing and hanging out with friends at school.

But with so many school uncertainties, how can your children and family connect?

Given the huge psychological cost, finding ways for our kids to interact and engage with others is a time-sensitive issue.

Time for Family Victories. These ideas will help.

Whether you’re sticking with your school or joining a learning pod, micro-school, or other homeschooling option this year, we have ideas to help you energize and socialize your children.

Download this guide today to learn 3 ways to re-engage, reconnect and inspire the young people in your life. We call these moments ’family victories,’ and this resource offers suggestions on how to have more of them.Download Our Family Victories GuideWe can’t wait to hear about the family victories you’re able to create with your family!

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