DI Alumni Podcast: Stream New Episodes!

On this month’s new episode of The Creative Chat, the career podcast from the Alumni Council, host Michael Russell talks with Wren Hayes, the Director and Owner of Building Blocks Commons, a project-based, hands-on school in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Wren credits Destination Imagination as being a stepping stone that taught her “how important it is to understand the rules so that you can maximize your creativity while following them.” Throughout this episode, Wren shares her story of being a participant, a student of learning and education, and eventual leader in teaching in a new way. Wren shares how important it is to allow students to fail, to learn in a way that is meaningful for them, and why the core fundamentals of DI are important in classroom education as well. Wren also shares how her school has had to adapt and change how it teaches in the current Coronavirus environment.

To stream this episode and more, click here.

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