Join Our Board!

If you’re like me, you often wonder how the “sausage gets made”—how various companies and organizations make the multitude of decisions involved in carrying out their missions. Ever wonder that about Destination Imagination (DI)?

Like most organizations, Destination Imagination makes most of its decisions at the staff level. Our twenty outstanding staff members keep the organization running, from planning the challenge season and other educational offerings to running Global Finals to interacting with Affiliates and volunteers. But major decisions are entrusted to our Board of Trustees, which fills an oversight and policy role to make sure DI is headed in the right direction. Being a DI trustee is an honor, but also an awesome responsibility that Board members take very seriously.

Keeping the Board healthy includes bringing in new, diverse voices from time to time, as trustees’ terms expire and the organization’s needs change. DI is in the middle of a Board recruitment cycle right now. We are looking for talented and enthusiastic trustee candidates with expertise and experience in one or more of these five areas:

  • Development and fundraising
  • Corporate or governmental sponsorship and partnership
  • Educational leadership
  • Marketing
  • Information technology

Experience with the DI program is desirable but not required. Recent DI alumni are encouraged to apply! More information can be found here.

One reason DI is so successful is our network—thousands of talented volunteers and participants that know thousands more talented people. If you fit one of the categories we’re looking for, think about expanding your role with DI to this new level. Or if becoming a DI trustee is not for you but you know someone who would make a great trustee, encourage them to apply. And don’t wait—the application deadline is just around the corner on May 31.

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