Affiliate Challenge Masters

Affiliate Challenge Masters

Dig In / challenge A / technical
Eric Dahl
Phyllis Martin
Chris Dickinson

Going to Extremes / challenge B / scientific
Meg Govan
Tom Munns
Liz Wohner

Laugh Art Loud / challenge C / fine arts
Kitty Moore
Dan Henderson
Pat Oltman

Pandemonium / challenge D / improvisational
Sean Roark
Marti Toronto Miller
Joan Micka

The Tension Builds / challenge E / structural
George Wood
Bill Martin
Rob Malotte

Pitch and Play / project outreach / service-learning
Sheryl Kaniski
Sue Fischer

Circus! / challenge EL/ early learning

Instant Challenge
Butch Bernstein
Joni Hanley
Kathy Hanley
Michelle Quigley
Barbara Vanderschalie.