Youth Protection Policy Reminder!

Reminder for Destination Imagination (DI) volunteers! If you are a Team Manager, Challenge Master or Affiliate Leadership volunteer, please remember to take our youth protection course called, “Keeping DI Participants Safe.”

Earlier this season, we implemented a Youth Protection Policy to provide all Destination Imagination participants, Team Managers, Appraisers, Challenge Masters, Affiliate Directors, Regional Directors, employees, parents and guardians of team members, and others working with Destination Imagination with policies, procedures and guidelines to create safe experiences for everyone participating in Destination Imagination programming and events.

The policy establishes the minimum standards of safety recommended for all Destination Imagination activities, including team meetings, training classes for students, DI Regional, Affiliate and Global Finals Tournaments, and activities outside of tournaments. Adults working and volunteering for any Destination Imagination programs must understand, acknowledge and follow the standards set by Destination Imagination. All DI volunteers are also expected to understand the standards set by the school or organization hosting or sponsoring their team or tournament.

The Youth Protection Policy course (as well as many other DI-specific trainings for Team Managers and volunteers) is available through our Learning Management System. If you are a Team Manager and have added your Team Number and contact information in the Resource Area, you should have received an email from Adobe to join our Learning Management System. If you are registered as a Team Manager for your team in the Resource Area and you have not received an invitation email from Adobe, please check your spam folder. If you need us to resend your invitation, please contact Kris Beisel at

For more information on our youth protection policies for volunteers and parents click here.

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