Technical Challenge: Can You Brave the Maze Craze?

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Have a whiz kid who can operate or program anything? Or maybe a teen who is inspired by the world of robotics or coding? Our Technical Challenge is an opportunity for them to combine their creativity and passion for technology. They’ll also enhance their problem solving, teamwork and public speaking skills – all while having fun!

For this season’s Technical Challenge, teams will need to design and create a device (the Maze Traveler) that will navigate a maze at their DI tournament. But here’s a little catch! Teams will not know the exact design of the maze until the day of their tournament, which means they’ll need to be prepared for a variety of different twists and turns as they navigate their device through the maze.

Teams will also design and build a prop that transforms inside of the maze, as well as design and build a way to remove an object from the maze.

And to tie it all together, they will write and present a story about their Maze Traveler’s journey.

Check out our Maze Craze Challenge preview video below and download our First Look document to get a more in-depth look at this season’s Challenge.


Full Challenge details will be made available to all teams on September 1. Purchase your 2017-18 Team Number today!

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