Team Tips: 15 Ways to Rule Your DI Season

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We recently asked some of our veteran DI participants to give one piece of advice to a team just starting out. From team-building to learning from failure to having fun, we’ve put together a list of 15 tips for teams to keep in mind this season as they travel on their creative journey.

  1. “If it doesn’t say you can’t, assume you can.” – Paige F.
  2. “Don’t be bossy and no matter what, take all ideas into consideration because the most obvious solution isn’t always the one that will earn you the most points.”– Abby E.
  3. “Hard work will pay off. Even if you don’t make it far, you’ve still learned lots of new things and made great friends.” – Jimmy F.
  4. “If something doesn’t seem to be working, think of something else. Creativity and trial and error are essential to DI. And teamwork too! You won’t get anywhere if you and your teammates don’t trust each other.” – Audrey F.
  5. “Don’t be afraid to press boundaries and hit on important issues. Also, makeup and glitter are your new best friends, no matter what your gender is. If you’re not sure what it needs, add glitter.” – Mariah B.
  6. “There’s no such thing as second chances.” – Bilal Z.
  7. “Make time for fun! If you’re stressing yourselves out on your Challenge solution and not having fun, you’ve missed the point of DI.” – Gracie C.
  8. “Never limit your creativity and underestimate yourselves. Anything is possible if you’re stubborn enough to keep at it.” – Hannah B.
  9. “Teamwork is key. You always have to be there for each other, even if you’re mad. Be loud enough when planning, use ‘Yes, and’ and always thank the Appraisers.” – Tori F.
  10. “Don’t save everything for the last minute!” – Alicia G.
  11. “Never, never, NEVER be afraid to make a mistake. Not advancing to Global Finals doesn’t mean you’ve failed; it means it’s time to start something new.” – Stevie H.
  12. “Don’t be afraid to show your true colors. Each and every one of you resembles something beautiful.” – Grace K.
  13. “To have a well working DI team, you need to take everyone’s skills and weaknesses into account so that you can plan accordingly. Make sure that everyone’s opinion is heard and that you work together. And practice Instant Challenges a lot! – Logan C.
  14. “Be creative, be crazy and be yourselves! As long as you do that and work together, you will go great places.” – Hannah P.
  15. “Don’t just be a team, be best friends.” – Emine T.

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