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Loving our Team Manager Tips series? We could not do it without the generous support of our veteran volunteers and alumni, and we thank all of our contributors these past three seasons.

To continue providing and expanding on these great resources, we’re searching for additional Team Managers and alumni to share their experiences and expertise right here on the Destination Imagination blog.

Below are some topics we’re hoping to help new teams and Team Managers with:

  • Storytelling
  • Team-building tips
  • Working with different materials
  • Time management
  • Growing skill sets
  • Tips to avoid last-minute disasters
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Preparing for your first tournament
  • Learning from adversity
  • Celebrating your team’s journey

Alumni: Click here to fill out our Alumni Tips for Teams survey.
Team Managers: Click here to fill out our Team Manager Tips survey.

Alumni Tips for Teams examples:

Team Manager Tips examples:

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