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You can now purchase a Team Number for the 2018-19 season of Destination Imagination! Please note that access to the full Destination Imagination Team Challenges will not be made available until September 1, 2018.


Destination Imagination (DI) is an educational nonprofit that prepares children for a future that is rapidly evolving. DI does this through a project-based learning experience that applies the creative process across seven different Challenge types—science, technology, engineering, fine arts, improvisation, service learning and early learning. Through our Team Challenges, pre-K through university level students acquire and practice the skills needed to thrive in school, future careers, and beyond. Students also have the opportunity to showcase their unique Challenge solutions at local tournaments and vie for a spot at Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity. More than 150,000 students worldwide participate in Destination Imagination’s STEAM-based Challenges each year.

Get a sneak peek of our 2018-19 Team Challenges.




Visit ShopDI.org to purchase your Team Number for the 2018-19 season of Destination Imagination. Full access to the 2018-19 Team Challenges will be made available on September 1, 2018.


Contact us at AskDI@dihq.org or by phone at 1.888.321.1503.


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for helpful tips from alumni, Team Managers and volunteers throughout the season, and share your photos and experiences with us on Instagram.


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