Fine Arts Challenge: Time to Get Musical!

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Are your kids musical theater fanatics? Do they enjoy songwriting, storytelling or engineering? Our Fine Arts Challenge has students flex their acting and creative muscles as they experiment with different types of artistic media and theater arts, write scripts and design props.

For this season’s Fine Arts Challenge, Change of Tune, teams will create and present a two-act musical that includes a change in plans. Will the results of the change be funny, tragic, shocking or delightful? Your team will decide!

Because songs are used in musicals to help advance the storyline, teams will use music and lyrics to help tell their stories. They will also research different production techniques, ranging from acrobatics to illusion to digital effects, and use two of the techniques to create a spectacle for their presentations.

To top it all off, teams will construct a set change that will make their background, scenery and/or props visibly transform live on stage. So, if you’re looking for a great STEAM project for your children or students, look no further!

Check out our Change of Tune preview video below and then download our First Look document to get a more in-depth look at the Challenge.

Full Challenge details will be made available to all teams on September 1. Purchase your 2017-18 Team Number today!

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