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Improvisation isn’t just about comedy and entertainment; it’s a tool that can help students learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively, think quickly and creatively, and can boost their confidence.

For this season’s Improvisational Challenge, Treasure!, teams will research different cultures and famous explorers, and then use what they’ve learned to create a skit, live onstage, with barely any preparation. Their skit will include a quest to return a lost cultural treasure to its owner. The cultural treasure can be anything from an idea to an artifact or any other type of cultural creation. However, teams won’t know which cultural treasure or explorers they will need to integrate into their skit until right before their presentations. Teams will also need to integrate a sheet as a special prop and show how their characters work together to overcome a setback.

Check out our Treasure! Challenge preview video below and then download our First Look document to get a more in-depth look at the Challenge.

Full Challenge details will be made available to all teams on September 1. Purchase your 2017-18 Team Number today!

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