Engineering Challenge: Will You Withstand the Drop Zone?

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A design-based project, like our Engineering Challenge, is an excellent way to encourage your kids to think creatively, learn STEM principles, and bring their ideas to life using a range of practical materials.

For this year’s Engineering Challenge, Drop Zone, teams will design, build and test a freestanding structure that can withstand impacts from dropped weights. Along with the structure, teams will create and present a story about a sudden event that leaves a dramatic impact. What will happen? Who will it affect? Your team will decide!

Teams will also use technical methods to audibly or visibly enhance the sudden event live on stage at their Destination Imagination tournament.

Check out our Drop Zone Challenge preview video below and then download our First Look document to get a more in-depth look at the Challenge.

Full Challenge details will be made available to all teams on September 1. Purchase your 2017-18 Team Number today!

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