Ignite 2015: Creating a Stronger Voice Together

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 Ignite 2015: Creating a Stronger Voice Together

July 27, 2015

Written by Tina Shaffer

Last week, Destination Imagination (DI) Affiliate Directors, Regional Directors and Affiliate Growth Directors from around the world gathered at our second home, The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, for our organization’s annual Ignite conference.

“Ignite is a great time because it’s an opportunity for us to get all of our Affiliate organizations around the world to come in and talk about a shared vision, a shared purpose and a shared goal and to make sure that they’re equipped and ready to be the leaders of our cause in this next year,” said Dr. Chuck Cadle, DI CEO.

From generating ideas on new and different DI Challenges to enriching students through 21st century learning to fundraising strategies, we all came together for a shared purpose of collaborating on our dedication and passion for readying students for the future workforce.


“Ignite is not only a chance to get recharged and see new friends, we get to learn about new opportunities, ways we can make our Affiliates better and to make DI better so that we can serve more children,” said Karen Anderson, Destination Imagination, Inc. Board Member.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers for your collaboration, shared ideas and hard work at Ignite. We look forward to celebrating an incredible new season of Destination Imagination with all of you!

Take a look at some of our event highlights from Ignite 2015:


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