2015 Engineering Exploration Challenge

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Engineering Exploration Challenge

July 21, 2015

Written by National Geographic

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a National Geographic photographer or explorer? Find out by participating in the 2015 Engineering Exploration (NGX) Challenge!

Now through August 1, National Geographic is asking kids ages 6-18 around the world to solve up to three real-world challenges faced by our explorers in the field.

The three challenges are:

This year’s NGX Challenge is brought to you by the new NG film, ROBOTS 3D, so it asks kids to solve these problems the way a robot might, by sensing something about the immediate environment and using that information to decide an action to take. Kids who submit their solutions to National Geographic by midnight EDT on August 1, 2015 will each receive a free movie ticket (while supplies last), a certificate of accomplishment, and the chance to be published in the upcoming National Geographic Kids book, Everything Robotics.

Use the engineering process to develop your solution. If you’re an educator or a parent, use our guide to for suggested materials lists and tips for working with students on this Challenge. Have questions about the Challenge? Visit our FAQs page or email [email protected].

Happy Engineering!


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